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Armada Grandee Education Consulting is an education consulting company in Turkey since 2000. Armada Grandee is one of the leading education consultancy companies in Turkey providing a wide range of services nationally and internationally. The company headquarters is in Ankara. We have branch offices in Istanbul, Izmir. Our aim is to connect people with learning opportunities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Malta, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland and South Africa we aim to build lasting relationships across the world.

Armada Grandee services in a wide range of exchange and educational programs across the world

We have 20 education consultants in our four offices and business partners in different cities. The main objective of Armada Grandee is to provide comprehensive information on educational options and assist with various things such as registration, visa acquisition, accommodation, transportation, tickets for students and members of the business community wishing to attend foreign language courses, internships, certified cultural exchange programs and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Our principle as Armada grandee is to be a good guide for the individuals desiring to study abroad and to raise their awareness in line with their career targets and to place them at the most proper and high-quality education institutions based on their budget for our young population being the most important characteristics of our beautiful country, Turkey renewing and developing itself every year to keep pace with this change in the developing and changing world.

20 years of Experience and Wide Service Network

Armada Grandee Education Consulting has a wide range of service networks. We are headquartered in Ankara and we have three branch offices in Istanbul, Izmir. Our service network covers Turkey with different business partners in different cities.

Quality and Confidence

Armada Grandee Education Consulting renews itself continuously without making concessions of service quality built on the concepts of quality, awareness, integrity and confidence and follows many education facilities in the global world closely. Accordingly, Armada Grandee is a member of ICEF, FELCA, ENGLISH UK and BRITISH COUNCIL being the leader of major and long-established organizations of the world in the field of language schools. Armada Grandee is also one of the official representatives of CIEE (CIEE Council on International Educational Exchange) for Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Trainee programs.

Armada Grandee Service

At the Home Country: Armada Grandee offers consultancy services to the students for choosing country, city and program in line with their targets and budgets. After choosing, it provides all services such as school enrolment, accommodation organization, health insurance, meeting by the school at the arrival airport and transferring to the accommodation location, flight booking free of charge. At the stage of visa, free services include preparation of documents necessary for the visa, providing detailed information about visa application.

Abroad: Armada Grandee organizes necessary changes if there are problems relating to the study or accommodation. While study of students carries on, it offers different programs for different expectations and targets. If the student requests to extend the period of study, it carries out extension procedures and enables them to make payment in Turkey.

Our Services


Armada Grandee services are included but not limited to:

We wish to be a reliable guide for your study dream!

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